Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Update 1 fails Sysprep and Capture Windows 8

During Sysprep and Capture of Windows 8 using MDT 2012 Update 1, I get an error. Microsoft provided a workaround.

Deployment Summary

Operating system deployment did not complete successfully.
Please review the log files to determine the cause of the problem.
During the deployment process, 14 errors and 0 warning were reported.
Details …

ZTI ERROR – Unhandled error returned by LTIApply: Not found (-2147217406 0x80041002)
Litetouch deployment failed, Return Code = -2147467259 0x80004005
Failed to run the action: Apply Windows PE.
Not found (Error: 80041002; Source: WMI)
The execution of the group (Capture Image) has failed and the execution has been aborted.
An action failed.
Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows)
Failed to run the last action: Apply Windows PE. Execution of task sequence failed.
Not found (Error: 80041002; Source: WMI)
Task Sequence Engine failed! Code: enExecutionFail
Task sequence execution failed with error code 80004005
Error Task Sequence Manaqer failed to execute task sequence. Code 0x80004005

This problem occurs because the LTIApply.wsf script fails to check for the existence of the boot folder on the system partition before running the command takeown.exe to change ownership on the folder. The takeown.exe command fails with a “Not Found” error if the boot folder doesn’t exist and causes the Sysprep and Capture task sequence to fail.

  1. On your MDT deployment share, go to the Scripts folder and look for LTIApply.wsf.
  2. Copy LTIApply.wsf
  3. Rename the original file to .old
  4. Edit the copied LTIApply.wsf and Locate the “Copy bootmgr” section in LTIApply.wsf and add the following code above the existing code under the section:
If not oFSO.FolderExists(sBootDrive & "\Boot") then
   oFSO.CreateFolder(sBootDrive & "\Boot")
End if

Sample below
MMDT 2012 Sysprep Capture Task Sequence fails capturing Windows 8

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One comment on “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Update 1 fails Sysprep and Capture Windows 8
  1. James says:

    This is the same for MDT 2013 when trying to Capture Windows 8.1.

    Thank you for the post on this topic it really helped with the issue I was facing.

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